Sunday, December 17, 2006

"What Rummy Left Behind"

Posted at Bring It On by Liberal Army Wife

We buried three young men this week. three. another is lying in a hospital, without his legs, with his young wife holding his injured hands. So while we are happy the architect of this insanity is gone, it was wrong. wrong that he got a huge parade, wrong that we were told that this jackass son of a bitch was the “greatest Secretary of Defense ever”. Wrong that he will make millions from books, wrong that he’ll be treated like some conquering hero by the idiots that will have him speak at their conventions, as a “visiting expert”. But then I have to consider the source of that head up his ass quote. Deadeye Dick.. another loser. They needed to be at the funerals, they needed to be looking in the eyes of those mothers, that young wife, the brothers and sisters. I hope he chokes on all the praise, and I just have to remember, what goes around comes around. If there really is karma, he will suffer. and then I get to stand there and say something as stupid as…. we go to war with the army we have. The army he tried to break, is breaking, the army my husband has given years to, the army that I am proud to be part of, even just as a wife.

The National Guard is fraying at the edges, they didn’t sign up for this. These young men signed up for the one weekend a month, some training, two weeks a year, the college benefits because they couldn’t afford higher education without help. GWB, who joined the Guard but couldnt even finish THAT…is trying to break it too. I’m not sure why. But he’s doing a good job of it.

Those of you who are for this war, I want you to do me one favour. Go to one of the funerals for one of the men or women who died. And look in the eyes of the family, the children, hear them tell you what a person you are mourning, how much they meant to their community. Then come back here and tell me its worth it. Our staying in the middle of that civil war, in the midst of that slaughter of innocent men, women and children by their own co-religionists, blowing job seekers up for being in the wrong place, the death of our children, husbands, wives is worth it. If you can tell me that, and mean it, I’ll try to respect your opinion.

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