Monday, April 17, 2006

Blog tools...

I really appreciate LeftyBlogs because--to be honest--I would either forget to check various Idaho blogs on a regular basis or I would keep checking and checking and the bloggers wouldn't have added anything since the last time I checked. I'd stop checking after a while and then later, I'd find a bunch of posts that I'd missed!!

If they fit the criteria of LeftyBlogs (over a few months old, subjects are mostly state and local liberal politics) and sign up for it, then I can get an update everytime I bring up my own blog. (You can see it also over on the left column.)

However, it still doesn't meet all of my needs:
  • There are a couple of my favorite blogs who aren't listed on LeftyBlogs...
  • People without blogs still have to remember to check blogs like mine that provide that information.

So, I found Feedblitz and plugged it into my blog. It doesn't solve my challenges with my favorite blogs (Alan, you are one of them!) where I try to remember to check on a regular basis for current updates -- but it does allow others to sign up for my updates, if they want to. Go all the way to the bottom of the page and you can subscribe to my feed there...

Maybe some of my favorites will also sign up for Leftyblogs AND Feedblitz? {They are both free...}


Alan said...

Thanks Diana, for the encouragement. I'm planning to sign up for LeftyBlogs, but didn't figure I'd met the "few months" requirement yet. I guess it woudn't hurt to try.

Good luck with posting the video.

Phil Hollows said...

Hi Diana:

FeedBlitz can deliver *any* blog by email; the publisher does not have to be using FeedBlitz for you (or anyone) to create an email subscription to it.

Simply log in to FeedBlitz and click the second link down on the main dashboard "Subscribe to or track any feed »" Click the link and enter the URLs of your favorite blogs as subscriptions andn you'll be all set.

Alternatively, if you have an OPML file of your favorite blogas, you can import them all as subscriptions by clicking the link entitled "Add subscriptions in bulk using OPML »" from the main dashbaord.

Welcome aboard!


Diana Rowe Pauls said...

red face!

I need to NOT post until I've finished with my learning curve! After I posted this and I was playing around, I saw that I could subscribe to other blogs. It was WAY easy! I was excited about that because I was able to add the blogs which aren't on the leftyblog feed and now I won't miss any of Alan et al's pearls of wisdom! It's a lot quicker with FeedBlitz (one e-mail a day with the lists of posts) than it is checking every blog that I like to visit...

Thank you for helping me clue in!

Now, if somebody could tell me the best way to post a video to my blog!!

Kari Chisholm said...

hey - thanks for the LB plug! Keep in mind that anybody can submit a blog to LB. It doesn't have to be the blog owner (though that's a better thing...)