Monday, September 05, 2005

The alarm is going off... don't let them continue to ignore it!

Our representatives in Congress are supposed to represent Americans. One of the reasons they have been allowed themselves to forget that they represent the citizens and OUR needs is because we cannot give the millions and millions of dollars they need... unlike the corporations. They need to be reminded that we are still here, we are paying attention, and we are not going to take it any more! Remind them that their jobs are on the line! That millions of Americans have MORE power than millions of dollars!

Write to and remind them that those days are OVER...

Here is a great letter that summarizes the last few years, sent by someone in Woodland Hills, CA to his representatives.

This letter is amusing... the author is stating the obvious (except he doesn't hold Bush accountable) and finishes up with:
"If the Republicans do not do something about this, then you can bet the Democrats will and they will be back in charge which would be disaster for our country."

And that "disaster" would be WORSE than the one we are in NOW?? Oh, PLEASE!!

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