Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina & Bush

Okay, I realize that holding Bush responsible for the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina may seem like I'm reaching for reasons to vilify the man... but we need to recognize the impact upon our country by his poor leadership. How much more are we willing to sacrifice for his personal agenda? How much longer can we pretend the emperor has NO CLOTHES?

Our National Guard was designed to protect our country (on AMERICAN soil) during times like this. Louisiana has perhaps 7,000 National Guard Members CURRENTLY in Iraq. Idaho and Oregon's governors expressed their own concerns in the past if our states had forest fires and were unable to tap into our National Guard resources. But we still let it happen, didn't we...?

It also occurred to me that we have our financial and human resources building schools, providing power and infrastructure etc. in IRAQ when we need them here in America NOW. Do we have any hope that Bush will bring them home to help American citizens? Who knows.

So while I'm thinking about these things, I'm discovering that there are even more aspects of this disaster which reflect poorly on our administration...

Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?
Why the Levee broke...
Bush Cutbacks Blamed for Flooding
June 2005 article about budget cuts/impact/concerns
Did Bush listen to the Army Corps of Engineers?
{Doesn't Bush have a history of ignoring people who know more than he does? Of FIRING people who challenge his own agenda? Yup. So who is suprised at this?}

And, for those of us who are asking if other countries will help America like we seem to always be willing to help them, find out how well America accepts their help:
Canada is on their way...
Oh... never mind...

Others offer aid (hopefully, we'll let them!):
France May Mobilize Relief From Caribbean
Tsunami Victims Remember U.S. Help

Good grief, our OWN country won't re-allocate resources to help our own...
Military won't relocate soldiers in Iraq

But maybe Bush has it all under control... or maybe not...
Biloxi: Where's the help?
Efforts "bungled"
Lack of preparation? Slow response? No way! Not Bush!
"Nobody could have anticipated the breach." Tell me he did NOT say that!
Completely caught unaware? HOW??
{Does anybody else remember Bush's reaction in the classroom when told about the attack on the towers? The briefing provided months earlier suggesting the possibility of bin Laden's plan to use planes, etc.? Repeat after me... "deja vu"! How much more can our country handle while the driver is asleep at the wheel?}
Bush saw for himself the destruction of Hurricane Katrina... from his plane!

But I'm sure he's been busy working hard ("It's very hard") on addressing the needs of our country after Hurricane Katrina... because he sincerely cares... right? RIGHT?
What has Bush been doing...?
What a busy boy he's been!
And his advisors have been busy also!
Condoleeza is focused on...

And many people are noticing this appalling lack of awareness, leadership, intelligence, honesty... (better late than never?)
It's a time for action, not vacation!
Waiting for a leader
Mayor blasts failure to patch levee breaches
Wes Clark questions leadership
Federal government wasn't ready...
FEMA being destroyed (to give room for Dept of Homeland Security?!)
Summaries of multiple editorials...
If we had a real president...{what he would say}
Bald-Faced Liar or Complete Idiot?
Presidential Stupidity So Unbounded It Defies Description
{My favorite quote from this article: "Forest Gump sounds smarter than this man."}

Do you think Bush is realizing that he is in trouble yet?
Headed back to Washington...
Bush just doesn't get it, does he?
Babbles on delusionally while disaster strikes...

Here are a few links that I've found to help stay informed about the situation in Louisiana, Mississippi, etc.:
The Times-Picayune (Louisiana)
Hattiesburg American (Mississippi)

And a good history about
New Orleans (curse and blessing)...

History about the
rise and fall of FEMA (or "If you are in Florida right before the Presidential Election, you'll be taken care of...")

To REALLY help with Hurricane Relief (rather than wait for our leadership to re-allocate funds from Iraq to America!), go here!


Julie in Boise said...

Can you say "perfect storm"? No pun intended, but this WILL be a watershed moment in our history, and Bush is finally being seen as the incompetent he is.

Meanwhile, if you plan to donate to hurricane relief, consider doing so here:

Useless Man said...

Nice to see Canada TRIED to help the needy, when we wouldn't help in the war...