Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Mighty Resolute Leader of Oz has been revealed"

[snip] "From the day Bush entered office; many of us were stunned by what we saw as a combination of obvious lies and blinding lack of common sense. Now that everyone can see it, the temptation is to deliver a few swift kicks to tender parts of his anatomy. Maybe more than a few. I can understand how you might want to smack him around a little. Maybe slap him until he stops that freakish, idiotic little half-chuckle at the end of every single sentence. Okay, I can understand the temptation to strip him naked, soak him five days in a mix of petrochemicals and raw sewage, and leave him floating along Canal Street with a Purina Rat Chow sign strung around his neck.

But don't give into temptation. Forget him."

Read the full diary at "Forget About Bush". There are not any words which can adequately describe the fun I had reading this diary. I haven't even dared to think these thoughts -- much less expressed them out loud or in public! But it totally states how I feel... in a much better manner than I ever could!

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