Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Don't you feel safer now...?

One of the big messages of the last election is "how much safer we are" because of Bush's leadership. He's fighting them "there" instead of "here" (even if we aren't fighting the original terrorists, just the ones we've created) and he created Homeland Security. I've been hearing of all of those Homeland Security grants which allow emergency departments (fire, police, etc.) access to new computers, filibraters, etc. Yee hah. I'm so much safer.

Tell that to the people in Louisiana... after all of the knowledge given to Bush about the REAL potential of a disaster, he ignored it. Instead he put his buddy's college roommate in charge of FEMA, removed critical dollars needed to protect a region which is critical to distribution of goods and oil, and ignores the cries for help when they come from Democrats. Do you honestly think Jeb would have been ignored and blamed for a similar situation? Hardly.

How much more suffering do Americans need to experience before we can get rid of the guy? How much more blatant abuse of power can one guy get away with?

I don't feel safer at all... I'm very frightened for America.

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