Sunday, September 04, 2005

Enough is enough...

The "Times-Picayune" is calling for the firing of FEMA Director, Michael Brown. Their demand makes perfect sense...

The sad part about it is how many Americans have been crying out for accountability for years... the truth behind 9/11, the truth behind the "War on Terror", the truth about why are we in Iraq, the truth about the "elections", and more.

We've been trying to get America to notice how Bush eliminates advisors who dare to contradict his agenda... how he rewards incompetent and unqualified individuals to high positions due to donations and boot-licking.

Is it any wonder that our country is in so much trouble? Our level of poverty , the costs of health care/utilities/fuel are increasing by leaps and bounds. (While tax cuts for the rich flow like honey...) Like Chinese water torture, we find out about the soldiers being killed in Iraq... a couple here, a handful there. It took something as traumatic and horrific as Hurricane to wake us up!

What can one person do? First of all, for immediate needs, donate donate donate. (I'll post more information about how as soon as I can, I'm doing research now...)

But most of all... become informed and educated about what is going on. This is no time to stay ignorant and apathetic. I live in a small rural town... the odds of a disaster or terrorist strike hitting here are slim to none. How about you? Do you want to wait until disaster strikes YOU before you say "enough is enough"? Check out the websites listed here, read the articles, check out the sources, become familiar with the individuals involved, get to KNOW them and what type of people they are... (Where is Karl Rove, by the way? We haven't heard from Dick Cheney because he JUST left Wyoming!) If you are Republican and pro-Bush, please take the time to research exactly what you are supporting. Our country and our citizens deserve the donation of your time, intelligence, and diligence.

After you become informed, then please educate others. Contact your representatives. Tell them that "enough is enough" and it's time to start doing their jobs. No more "playing politics", GET TO WORK. And they work for US.

The next tragedy may be YOUR hometown or YOUR loved ones. How much is too much? How loud must the alarm be before America finally wakes up?

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