Friday, September 02, 2005

It is TOO about politics!

Despite statements from some of those "in charge" ("This isn't a time for fingerpointing, blaming, etc."), it is amazing -- and reassuring-- at how many eyes have been opened to the problems our country is having related to our leadership (or lack of). I really don't care who's fault it is or what party they belong to... it is "unacceptable" (to borrow Bush's description). The American media and the citizens are waking up to the reality of mismanagement, lies, prevailing attitudes of fear of reprisals within the government, and looking out for the rich while disregarding the poor. The people who weren't paying attention when we were saying that our military consists of a high number of low-income minorities (which makes it easier for the fat white conscience to allow them to die?) cannot ignore the tragedy taking place in New Orleans (to more low-income minorities). Maybe it's easier for American citizens to notice the cruel, negligent, and discriminating impact of these policies when thousands and thousands are suffering, rather than a handful at a time?

For more about how bad federal policies impact our country, read "A Flood Of Bad Policies".

As of this morning (9/3/05), I have noticed some of the hard-core pro-Bush talking-heads attributing responsibility to the governor of Louisiana and the mayor of New Orleans. I will not deny that it seems as if there were some things that they could have done themselves (mainly coordinating transport for those who needed it prior to Hurricane Katrina) but it shouldn't replace the need of accountability for the federal failure to provide funds to repair the levies BEFORE Katrina and rescue efforts AFTER Katrina.

I'd like to share what I found on Red State Rebels (thank you, Julie!):
They're Americans, not refugees
Most of the people stranded in New Orleans and elsewhere are not refugees. They're displaced citizens of the United States. According to my Encarta dictionary, the definition of refugee is: "Somebody who is seeking of taking refuge, especially from war or persecution, by going to a foreign country."

UPDATE: This morning (9/3/05) I keep hearing the media refer to the "evacuees"... they are getting the message!

I encourage everyone to check out the following links...

Make your Demand Known To Congress: Hold Bush Accountable!
[snip] "Congress must hold this administration accountable for its mistakes and failures to adequately plan for this catastrophe, as well as delays in mounting an effective response. The vulnerabilities of New Orleans -- such as levees in desperate need of reinforcement -- were known for decades, but necessary preventative steps were never taken. Why not?"

Read letters to Congress and Bush and write your own!

Political Effects of Hurricane Katrina
[snip] "Within days of Hurricane Katrina's Aug. 29 landfall, public debate arose about the United States government's role in the preparations for and response to the storm, especially among partisans in the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties. The discussion may affect elections and legislation enacted at various levels of government."

"Man Made Disaster"
Quote to remember: "One lasting lesson that has to be drawn from the Gulf Coast's misery is that from now on, the National Guard must be treated as America's most essential homeland security force, not as some kind of military piggy bank for the Pentagon to raid for long-term overseas missions. America clearly needs a larger active-duty Army. It just as clearly needs a homeland-based National Guard that's fully prepared and ready for any domestic emergency."

Flushing out the ugly truth
[snip] "The horror in New Orleans has exposed the nation's dirty secrets of race and poverty. Americans are ready to help. Will our leaders show the way?"

FEMA Dir. Mike Brown fired from prior job at Horse Assoc
[snip] "An unmitigated, total f****** disaster." That's not a quote from Mike Brown, but rather, a quote describing him. And most disturbingly, it's not even a reference to his dismal performance as director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). [NOTE: This site contains strong language.]

Fire Michael Brown as FEMA head,Rep. Wexler urges President Bush
[snip] "Wexler cited reports in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that FEMA under Brown's management inappropriately gave away $30 million in disaster relief funds to people in the Miami, Florida, area even though they were not affected by Hurricane Frances, which made landfall more than 100 miles away."

FEMA has been sharply criticized before!
[snip] August 2004 “We’re slowing the process down,” Fugate said in an interview. “A large-scale disaster will occur and there will be another hue and cry about why we were not able to get the aid faster.” And it's different now what way?

It is obviously not FEMA's first screw up with this administration
[snip] "It's really quite troubling that after all of this time and after everything uncovered from the situation in Miami-Dade that the director of FEMA still says that nothing happened," said Lale Mamaux, spokeswoman for U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton.

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