Saturday, September 03, 2005

Other sources for updates

There are two places where I find most of my information (not counting Tina, Sharon, Julie, Caroline, Jim, and several others who share with me). I want to share these with you also, in care you aren't aware of them.

DailyKos... it's diaries and blogs but I've found that posters will include legitimate links and sources to their information. I rely on those sources because I really try to get away from "rumors" and determine accuracy before I share the information. The discussions are huge and time-consuming but very informative. For example, here is a diary about a meteorogist who explains from HIS point of view how our federal government dropped the ball. Here is Cindy Sheehan's diary about how our movement (Gold Star Families for Peace) is addressing the tragedy. (And yes, it is my opinion that the lies, mismanagement, egos, and personal agendas that has Americans dying in Iraq also has Americans suffering and dying in Mississippi and Louisiana. How many more Americans need to die before we demand a change in our leadership?) Like DailyKos, it includes information about the source of their information. In addition, I've signed up for the newsletter and receive a summarized update about current events. One article that I found here is about the problems of evacuating the poor: "It's not that no one had thought of this problem. They just didn't consider it important enough to spend any time on."

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