Thursday, September 08, 2005


How can so many representatives of the Republican Right (those who claim the title of "Christians") react in such unChristianlike behavior when they disagree with others? From childhood, Christians are taught to "turning the other cheek" (Matthew 5:39) and forgiving "seventy times seven" (Matthew 18:21-22). (For more instructions from God regarding forgiveness, see Forgive! ) Most of us have been taught that what is forbidden is the taking of vengeance (Romans 12:17-21), bitterness (Ephesians 4:31), and retaliation (1 Peter 2:23). These are absolutely forbidden by Jesus and the apostles.

So, why aren't the Republican Right, these "Christians" denouncing LOUDLY their representatives and their blatantly unChristian behaviors?

Where was the condemnation for Larry Northern of Texas who mowed down the crosses erected for the Americans who were killed in Iraq?

Why aren't they challenging the politicians who have blatantly funneled funds into pork projects while neglecting the children, the elderly, the ill, and the poor?

How can the wealthy and corporations continue to receive tax cuts while our teachers are having to buy their own school supplies out of paychecks which are smaller than they were ten years ago?

How can they allow Americans to die from illnesses, when they would have lived had they only been able to afford the medical treatments they needed?

I'm sure that others can provide more examples of how these so-called Christians have forgotten what God has taught us...

My favorite bumper sticker today:
Jesus to Bush: "Stop Using Me As A Reference!"


nachusa05 said...

In some regions of the world the phrase ‘Greedy American’ can be use interchangeably with ‘Greedy Christian’. It seems that to be a good American one needs to be a Good Christian. But is a Good Christian a good American?

Diana Rowe Pauls said...

depends on whose definition of "good" Christian/American is being used. Last night Bill Maher said that conservatives are focused on preserving PROPERTY rights and liberals focus on HUMAN rights... that was the first time I feel like I understood the basis of the difference between the two groups.

HiveRadical said...

I find your reference to Christ, and it's application to your biased view as to what is going on, to be rather revealing as to who and what Christ was and advocated.

Christians, and Christ, forgive. Christ, however, did not instantly forgive everyone. The woman caught in the act was not forgiven, rather, simply told that she wasn't condemned. She still had to repent.

Now with regard to your standard issue anti-Republican complaints you forget that Christ did not advocate the placement of crosses, or anything that was not placed by the owner of the land, upon private property. Christ was very much with the Golden Rule. If you do not want people spontaneously putting up religious symbols in the middle of your property without your consent then simply refrain from doing such on others property. Larry Northern was simply doing what he'd expect anyone to do if they're property had been changed without the authorization of the owner.

If you are so against 'pork projects' then you could define them beyond simply anything outside of your socialist agenda. Charity, the voluntary feeding and caring for the fatherless and widows, is pure religion, as Christ tells us. But forcing all taxpayers to give heed to Christ's admonition to feed the poor is NOT pure religion, it's pure communism. And communism has NO connection with Christ. Rather with Mao and Stalin and the the millions of dead on their hands.